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Opening the box one frame at a time


April 29, 2016
by tdnicol

QuantumCat Winders

Ship-HoverFor the past few months I’ve been working on a design for a piece of animation gear called a winder. Winders are compact rack and pinion mechanisms used in puppet rigs, giving the animator very precise control over linear motion frame-to-frame. They’re very common on studio sets, but these heavy duty professional grade ones aren’t available to the low-budget and enthusiast community. This design, however, is made predominantly of 3D printed parts, making it incredibly inexpensive and easy to produce.

These winders, along with a number of modular attachments to allow them to be rigged in a number of configurations with a number of different external rigs, are now available at QuantumCat Winders. Not only are they available for sale, but the STL files are also freely available for those who want to print their own. I hope that others will find them as immensely useful as I have.

Stop Motion Exercises

October 14, 2015 by tdnicol | 0 comments

I’m currently leveling up my stopmo skillset by taking a course from fantastic animator Justin Rasch.  In the course of the class, I’ll be doing a bunch of clips ranging from exercises in animation fundamentals up to complex character action sequences.  As I complete them, I’ll add them to this playlist:

The full lineup of Pens to Lens this year is up!  Based on the drafts of the films I’ve seen, this is going to be a not-to-be-missed show.